Friday, September 2, 2011

Update: Sept. 2011

Hello folks, thank you for a great august in which we got to play w/ the sickest lineups of the year for sure!
August 10th: Neon Hole / Lt.Dan / Bruxism / Shit Life / Inhaling The Plague
August 11th: Bloody Pheonix / xBrainiax / Terminal Girls
August 12th: Bruxism / Faction Disaster / Dental Work (due to equipment issues didn't play) / RedSK / Bubblegum Octopus / etc. etc. (around 20 more bands)
August 27th: Archagathus / Violent Gorge / Na'kay / Lt.dan / PizzaHiFive
August 28th: Agitate / Lt.Dan / Abe Lincoln / Bitch Copter

we now have shirts, and will soon have THC / Shooting Spree / Humanity? tapes done (after i recieve my demagnitizing gear) as well as THC / Happy Birthday* split 7''s

*Happy Birthday is the re-incarnation of Rudy Ray Moore from Lima Ohio, featuring both the dudes from PHF as well as Nightskool and Powder, first release straight to wax so get hype!

Work Smarter, Not Harder.
(my feet are bleeding)