Friday, September 2, 2011

Update: Sept. 2011

Hello folks, thank you for a great august in which we got to play w/ the sickest lineups of the year for sure!
August 10th: Neon Hole / Lt.Dan / Bruxism / Shit Life / Inhaling The Plague
August 11th: Bloody Pheonix / xBrainiax / Terminal Girls
August 12th: Bruxism / Faction Disaster / Dental Work (due to equipment issues didn't play) / RedSK / Bubblegum Octopus / etc. etc. (around 20 more bands)
August 27th: Archagathus / Violent Gorge / Na'kay / Lt.dan / PizzaHiFive
August 28th: Agitate / Lt.Dan / Abe Lincoln / Bitch Copter

we now have shirts, and will soon have THC / Shooting Spree / Humanity? tapes done (after i recieve my demagnitizing gear) as well as THC / Happy Birthday* split 7''s

*Happy Birthday is the re-incarnation of Rudy Ray Moore from Lima Ohio, featuring both the dudes from PHF as well as Nightskool and Powder, first release straight to wax so get hype!

Work Smarter, Not Harder.
(my feet are bleeding)


Friday, June 17, 2011


got our split with canadian mincers shooting spree recorded and sent out
short but sweet.

also on the same recording we got our track for the upcoming sore throat nausea headache blog.
compilation pt.2 done, plus soon enough we'll be recording tons of old songs for a couple drum n' bass releases w/ lost cause (never remove the hood) and agent sundal from indonesia!

and more! and more!
split tape with suffering bastard in the works (all old live stuff, done just for grinding friendship)

june 25th - 1st summer show @ bird alley w/ richardson richardson, gonzo violence, lt.dan, NMA.
july 1st we'll be recording for our split 7'' w/ lima, ohio fastcore crazies Happy Birthday.
july 2nd we'll be convoying tons of grind fucks to MI for our show at our house
the lineup is :
Cloud Rat
Stone Titan (sick as fuck doom from CT)
Gowl (noisy as all hell grind from CT)
PizzaHiFive (unknown weirdos from ohio)

July 8th we're playing Mincigan Grindfest in GAYLORD:
Dental Work
Nosferatu Man
Bog Giant
Pathogenic Dysentary

July 21st The ThunderDome Grand Rapids:
Oily Menace
(super super excited about this one!!!)

August will have some epic shit planned dog.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Seth Putnam my Hero Pictures, Images and Photos


although most of anal cunt's song titles are things i minimally agree with (on certain occasions)
morbid florist is on my top 10, still.

Friday, May 27, 2011


just ordered new 28'' bass drum head, finally, so sick of duct tape.
expect recordings for:
THC / Lost Cause procdr
THC / ShootingSpree cs
THC / Happy Birthday 7''
THC / Badak Singa cdr
THC tracks for the tales from the dankside comp on acid redux productions out of georgia.

label stuff:
we'll have tapes for the:
Lt.Dan / Bastardo cs

real soon hopefully!

shits gonna be wild son!
we'll also be driving to MPLS for Grind Your Mother Fucking Dick Off 5.
as well as shows w/ backslider & DOC, gonzo violence, etc.
stay tuned motha fucka!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

gracias el grindcore hombres.

thanks to the midwest for providing a terrible place for good people to assemble

Lima Thanks:
PHF / HappyBirthday / Couple...skate? / Trashcan / Mike / NiteTurkey / etc.

Ft.Wayne Thanks:
Nate / Eric / Eric's Brother / Funeral Dawn / the noise punk kid w/ the records / all whom showed up / NOT ali falcone.

Milwaukee Thanks:
Festerfuck / Dion / Connor (i fucked the spelling up whatever) / Jason from Half Gorilla / Kim / Cory Von Bohlen (even though he didn't show) / The anti-misogynist grinders there, you know who.

MPLS Thanks :
Charlie / Nate / Bryce / Emily / Jason Wade / Brit / Grant / The Rathole entirely / Extreme Noise Records / Agitate : Jim / Tony , Scaphe : Charlie / Nate / Bryce Beverlin II. / Varix / Dianoga / Deterioration / Birth / everyone of those sick powerviolence drones that showed up!
Worship the SKULL!

Appleton Thanks : Ryan / Shane / Fitz / BFG / Sabaoth / Neon Hole / Asian Store Accross the street / WISCONSIN

Rockford Thanks : Dom / Eric / Disaster House / Kegs.

FUCK TO: Toll Roads

much love guys! it was the best possible tour we could pull off, hopefully we'll do some next time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Attention: Midwesterners

We's is tourin.
it's got a poster, and it'll be up soon until then,
4/13 lima ohio
4/14 ft. wayne indiana
4/15 milwaukee, wisconsin
4/16 minneapolis.
4/17 appleton, wisco
4/18 rockford, illinois.

we were gonna have a sweet lathe cut 5'' for this, but the dude can't get em done until at least almost 2 months after tour, but we'll have something totally unique and only for tour.
only for tour.

also, more important news on shit as it comes up. it's a bunch of in the works at this point.

keep posted you loser,